About UP Provident Fund


About UP Provident Fund

UP Provident Fund office

UP Provident Fund, Inc. (UPPFI) is a voluntary retirement fund established by the University of the Philippines (UP) with a mandate to provide UP employees with supplementary retirement benefits, in addition to GSIS, and other financial services (including loans and financial assistance, life insurance coverage, and financial literacy, among others).

The Fund was approved by the UP Board of Regents in 1994 and registered as a non-stock, non-profit corporation with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in 1997.

As of 2020, more than 10,000 out of a total of 13,000+ employees across all UP campuses are members of the UP Provident Fund. This means 3 out of 4 UP employees are currently members of UP Provident Fund.


Board of Trustees (BOT)

The Fund is governed by the Board of Trustees (BOT) headed by the UP President as Chairperson and assisted by the UP Vice President for Administration as Vice-Chairperson.

Two (2) member-representatives from each of the four UPPFI cluster units also sit as members of the Board. The four campus clusters are:

Cluster 1: UP Diliman / Baguio / System Administration

Cluster 2: UP Manila / PGH

Cluster 3: UP Los Banos / Open University

Cluster 4: UP Visayas / Cebu / Mindanao

The day-to-day administration and management of the Fund is led by the Executive Director, supported by other officers and staff in the four campus cluster offices.

  • Chairperson

     Atty. Danilo Concepcion (UP President)

  • Vice Chairperson

     Dr. Nestor Yunque (UP Vice President for Administration)



  • Dr. Fidel Nemenzo (UP Diliman Chancellor)

Cluster Representatives

  • Ms. Ma. Eden Perdido (SG 1-15 Representative, UP Manila/PGH)

  • Mr. Jossel Ebesate (SG 16-above Representative, UP Manila/PGH)

  • Mr. Alvin Luangco (SG 1-15 Representative, UP Diliman/Baguio/System Cluster)

  •  Ms. Leizel Lectura (SG 16-above Representative, UP Diliman/Baguio/System Cluster)

  • Ms. Analiza Fulvadora (SG 1-15 Representative, UP Visayas/Cebu/Mindanao Cluster)

  • Prof. Christopher Honorario (SG 16-above Representative, UP Visayas/Cebu/Mindanao Cluster)

  • Ms. Elena Pasuquin (SG 1-15 Representative, UP Los Banos/Open Univ)

  • Ms. Maria Cielo Lampa (SG 16-above Representative, UP Los Banos/Open Univ)

UP Provident Fund Officers and Staff


Executive Director

  • Prof. James Ryan Jonas


  • Dr. Debbie Chua Bun Pho

Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Head

  • Prof. Roy Vincent Canseco

Head Office Employees and Staff

  •  May Manuel (Accountant and Operations Officer)

  •  Purisima Salve O. Paloma (Assistant Operations Officer)

  •   Joan S. Obinguar (Cashier)

  •  Louriz Mae Sarming (Assistant Cashier)

  •  Reginald Murillo (IT Associate)

  •  Arlene Borjal  (Secretary/Supply and Property Associate)

  •  Ricky Evangelio (Driver/Messenger)

Campus Cluster Fund Managers and Employees



    Prof. Adeline Pacia (Fund-Manager, UP Diliman/System/Baguio cluster)
    Leah Ruby Caballero (Account Analyst, UP Diliman/System/Baguio cluster)
    Joellizzle Gwynne Binua (Account Analyst, UP Diliman/System/Baguio cluster)



    • Dr. Arlene Samaniego (Fund Manager, UP Manila /PGH Cluster)
    • Rodelyn Peralta Perdido (Account Analyst, UP Manila /PGH Cluster)
      Robelyn Nanquil Aguilar (Account Analyst, UP Manila /PGH Cluster)



      Prof. Rolando Bello (Fund Manager, UPLB/Open University cluster)
      Prof. Hanna Miranda-Quibot (Co-Fund Manager, UPLB/Open University cluster)
      Ofel Sarmiento (Account Analyst, UPLB/Open University cluster)
      Ma. Celine Mogueis (Account Analyst, UPLB/Open University cluster)



      Asst. Prof. John Lorenz Belanio (Fund Manager, UP Visayas/Cebu/Mindanao cluster)
      Jocelyn Genesila (Co-Fund Manager, UP Visayas/Cebu/Mindanao cluster)
      Marilou Villarin (Account Analyst, UP Visayas/Cebu/Mindanao cluster)
      Diadem Grace Tamon (Account Analyst, UP Visayas/Cebu/Mindanao cluster)